Created in 2013 by Gillian Tozer and Elise Durbecq, TRUSS collaborates with small business owners and local artisans in Oaxaca to create custom accessories, including tote bags, clutches, and folios.

TRUSS prides itself on being a conscientious support system within the Oaxacan weaving community something the founders have worked hard to build and maintain over the past three years. TRUSS values the preservation and growth of Oaxaca’s artisanal trade, knowing that the endemic skill set of the weavers is rare and imperative in keeping their communities afloat

In addition to this, TRUSS supports the womens foundation Fondo Guadalupe Musalem and their work to educate and empower young Oaxacan women. FGM’s goal is to ensure education for indigenous girls with underprivileged backgrounds, who have demonstrated a high commitment to their education.

TRUSS was named after the architectural framework that supports a bridge or structure. In the same way that a truss bolsters and strengthens two points, TRUSS seeks to connect artisan communities with the luxury consumer.

We look beyond the existing constraints of the fashion and design industries and seek to build a brand that speaks to several markets. What began as an accessories brand, now has the potential to become a lifestyle for the savvy consumer—all-the-while connecting and supporting the often over-looked and under-served artisan community.