TRUSS Glass Bead Strap in Red
TRUSS Glass Bead Strap in Red

TRUSS Glass Bead Strap in Red

On a particularly slow day at the workshop in Oaxaca, we asked ourselves, I wonder how many glass beads are on this incredibly detailed strap of ours? After some wildly inaccurate guesses, we took it upon ourselves to count the beads. We got to about 7,000 and gave up. So there you have it, over 7,000 glass beads that are made in the Czech Republic, shipped to our artisans in Nayarit Mexico, then on to Oaxaca where we attach it to the bags, and finally, they make their way to Y-O-U.

This strap is made by the Huichols. We work with a few different artisan communities from the Nayarit region, however, one of the most unique groups live in a remote dam region that from Oaxaca takes two planes, one 6 hour drive, and a 30 minute boat trip to reach. It's remote to say the least but the womens' work from this community is unparalleled.



Glass bead strap
Leather finishes
Matt hardware clasps
All components are hand-assembled in Oaxaca, Mexico
Strap length: 18.1" x 2.36"

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