Insta: @julianpaik
Hometown: Union City, New Jersey
Currently in: New York
Julian in 3 words: Because I can
Business (a little about what you do): Sales Director
Pleasure (a little about what you love to do for fun): Sous chef
TRUSS favorites: The Medium Tote in black and the Le Mini Sac in red/blue/green!

Julian wears the Le Mini Sac in Red/Blue/Green throughout

Insta: @mpnails
Hometown: Baltimore County, Maryland
Currently in: NYC
Madeline in 3 words: Quirky, colorful, resourceful
Business (a little about what you do): I'm mostly known as a nail artist but I also do graphic and print design, specifically in apparel and cosmetics.
Pleasure (a little about what you love to do for fun): I travel a lot and I like to squeeze in as many trips as possible per year even when they're seemingly, totally inconvenient. I like to find all the secret spots wherever I go: I like to thrift/vintage shop and find things that feel one of a kind. I like to "rave"/go out and hear music really loud. I like doing research for design projects, which all of those above activities can be helpful for. I like to walk everywhere in the city, I like to play basketball and I like to be really early for everything LOL.
TRUSS favorite: I really, honestly love love love them all, they're very ME. Specifically I love all the bags from this color series, they remind me of the SMPTE color bars on TVs, such an iconic reference! If I HAD to pick, it would be the Rainbow Bum Bag!

Madeline wears the Leather Handle Baguette (styled as a Bum Bag) in the blue/green/yellow. Shop the extra fancy beaded version here.