Insta: @chachhere
Hometown: New York
Currently: New York
Sasha in 3 words: Magnetic, compassionate, convivial
Business(a little about what you do): I am an artist, most focused on theater and dance right now
Pleasure: Pleasure is being around and creating art, enjoying the company of loved ones, dancing until I'm sweating, reading, cooking, giving back, spending time alone, getting better at something, and being in the sun.

Insta: @saysable
Hometown:New York
Currently in: New York
You in 3 words: Eccentric, valiant, ethereal
Business (a little about what you do): I am an artist: an actor, dancer and model
Pleasure (a little about what you love to do for fun): I channel my creativity through dancing and acting—usually acting a fool and just having fun with friends. One of my favorite things to do is to cook vegan delicacies for my loved ones.
TRUSS favorite: The black and white Baguette with the red/orange bead strap