Fall/Winter 2018 presents all new shapes and textures for TRUSS. Introduced in three styles is the basket tote in a tubular weave: Taking between 1 to 2 days to make by artisans in Oaxaca Mexico, the totes use a layered weave to create a multicolor base. Folding in their collaboration with the peyote Shamans, the Huichols from the north of Mexico, the totes have a detachable glass bead key fob. Prices range from $250 to $295 USD.

Next is the Small, Medium, Large totes, using a new, softer plastic and hand-assembled leather handles. The totes use two and three color combinations, similarly all handwoven and assembled by artisans in Oaxaca. Pricing ranges from $190 to $230 for the totes, $250 for the Party Bags, and $315 for the Medium Square Bucket Bag.

Nighttime offerings for the collection include the Embellished Baguette ($330) and Party Bag ($355) featuring a newly designed oversized beaded strap. Both styles take 5 days to weave by hand: 3 days for the three inch glass bead strap and then another two for the body.