The Isthmus Region has some of the most iconic traditional dresses in Oaxaca. Made from heavy, high quality velvet, the huipil and skirt are heavily embroidered with very large and bright floral patterns. The a-line skirts are gathered at the waist and feature an oversized trim made of starched and pleated white lace. A large lace headpiece is also worn during special galas and religious ceremonies. These two elements are used distinguish the different towns within this region; the trims and head pieces vary in length and intricacy depending on the town. It's still common to find these hand embroidered, although access to sewing machines has sped up the process, as making this dress can take as long as a year to complete. The dress is typically worn with necklaces made of solid gold coins (although nowadays most coins are either fake or are just gold-plated) and traditional gold filigrana earrings. More simplified versions of this dress can be found featuring satin textiles instead of velvet and more geometric patterns machined embroidered onto the top often worn with floral skirts.