Furthering their exploration of Mexico’s artisanal techniques, this season Elise and Gillian have collaborated with the indigenous Huichol community, from the Sierra Madre of Mexico.

Known for their shamanism, the Huicholes use an intricate beadwork technique to express visions from their peyote rituals. Vibrant colors form intricate patterns, which are created by placing the beads, one by one, onto ornaments, artwork or weaving jewelry. TRUSS has partnered with artisans from the community to create small straps seen on new styles, the Baguette and Party Bag.

Offered in leather or the Chaquira technique, the Baguette has a dual function strap, easily transitioning from a shoulder bag to wristlet style. A bite-sized version of the current Bucket Bag, the Party Bag closes with a wrist strap, also available in the embellished Chaquira or leather strap.

Red and fuchsia are the central colors of the collection, with monochromatic styles offered in the small tote, Mini Sac, Party Bag, and Baguette. Opening the color scheme with orange and navy are the Oversized Weekender, the totes and bucket bags, the Le Sac, as well as the introduction of the Le Sac XL.