This season, TRUSS introduces the large and mini bucket bag styles and the single and double vertical stripe patterns. Building on the plaid weave from FW16, TRUSS cast the collection in hues of yellow, orange, and aquamarine green. While all seven styles of the collection differ in design and construction, the unique artisanal skill that goes into creating the pieces remains the same, as does the time spent creating them, which, for a skilled worker, takes a day per product.

For the campaign, TRUSS worked with photographer Clément Pascal and new face Natasha Ramachandran (NEXT) at the stunning Shaker Museum in Mount Lebanon, New York. The intriguing beliefs and habits of the Shakers made them one of the most influential groups in American history. The Shakers made significant contributions in religious thought, music, art, architecture, agriculture, and business, and became known for the simple, elegant design and high quality of their products. This heritage-listed site set the perfect stage to host the collection and creative approach of Elise and Gillian