A very good friend of TRUSS, Brayden Olson has been a part of the story from the very beginning. Having worked together on many, many photo shoots for Opening Ceremony, we knew fun things would come from this collab. We asked Caitlin Joyce to be our model and George Georgopolous to be our stylist and together we jumped on the East River Ferry. After offending a lot of tourists, we disembarked in the Financial District and later wrapped on the rooftop of a Midtown skyscraper. Margaritas were drunk and we all had a pretty good time.

Whether shooting high-schoolers, fashion, skateboarders, rappers, or friends, Brayden Olson‘s images are filled with emotional and energetic moments that many miss. His work is articulate in its story-telling, bold in it’s voice, and candid in its expression.