Using a fuchsia, yellow, turquoise blue, and lime green color palette, TRUSS’ latest collection, photographed by Pia Riverola, presents a vibrant color story, in a selection of shapes. Designers Elise Durbecq and Gillian Tozer have added three new shapes to the collection: namely the Oversized Weekender tote, the Double-strap Messenger, and Le Sac—a tall rectangular tote, with a twist form closure and leather strap. These three styles add to the existing story of the clutches, the totes and the bucket bags.

Some bands hand out gig fliers, Mexican Banda groups prefer to advertise their performances along highways and down dusty backstreets in large scale, hand-painted lettering.

The signage is too intricate and attractive to be deemed graffiti and fulfill their purpose in piking your interest, or at least your fleeting attention. The local term for these signs are ‘rotulos,’ —their colors served as the main point of inspiration for Spring/Summer 2017.

Photography by Pia Riverola
Styling by Nayeli de Alba
Hair and makeup by Gustavo Bortolotti
With Iliana Ruiz New Icon Mexico, DNA New York