For Spring/Summer 2018, TRUSS presents SMPTE, our interpretation of the color bar test pattern used to standardize analog television signals.

Using combinations of red/blue/green, pink/red/blue, and green/blue/yellow, thick vertical stripes appear in different color combinations—seen across the classic tote shapes of the Cross-Body, Medium, Large, and Weekender, as well the Le Sac and Mini Sac styles.

The SMPTE pattern is most pronounced on the embellished straps of the Baguette handbag, the Party Bag, and the new Bum Bag styles. Introduced last season, the beaded straps are handwoven by an ancient Native American artisan community who live deep in the mountains of Central Mexico. A relatively reclusive community, the Huicholes use glass beads to decorate ornaments and to make jewelry, inspired by their religious peyote rituals. The straps take between 1-2 days to make and are, at the same time, intricate and resilient.

Additionally, TRUSS introduces an updated black and white pattern, created using a thicker weave, as seen on the Party Bag and the Medium and Square Bucket Bags. All tote styles now include internal leather pockets, handmade in Leon, Mexico.

Photos: David Gomez Maestre, assisted by Cassanove Cabrera
Styling: Beverly Nguyen, assisted by Ashley Isopeki
Hair: Kayo Fujita
Makeup: Taka Okada