Female empowerment and independence is an ever present theme at TRUSS, so we asked the women of our workshop in Oaxaca City for their perspective on what it means to be woman in Oaxaca in 2019:

Wendy is the head of our workshop in Oaxaca City and she’s the first person we go to when creating new shapes and ideas for the bags. She’s also the first person we go to when we need other essentials such as tacos and last-minute mariachi bands. Her father and mother have had a leather-smith business for over 50 years and fun fact, the TRUSS workshop used to be her childhood home. Wendy is our everything and the epitome of a woman: kind, nurturing, and always effortlessly taking care of business.
“Being a woman is the privilege to be able to give life to another human. It’s the fine line between the strength and vulnerability that we carry within ourselves. It’s the ability to take care of many things at the same time. It’s to be competitive at the same level as men. I am an empowered woman because I like helping others, I like being altruistic and always with a positive attitude even in the worst times.